Archive Project Info

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaja’s Audio Video Archive

The Archive seeks to serve and preserve the legacy of our dear beloved Gurudeva in digital format


  1. Acts as the Internet portal for Srila Gurudeva’s MP3 and Movie files. There are approximately 4000 mp3 lecture files and 2000 movies.
  2. Archive
    a. Storage of Original Media
    b. Digitizing original media
    c. Digital storage of HQ files: currently 12 Terabytes
    d. Distribution
  3. Email System for the Hari Katha Newsletter and Purebhakti.Tv
  4. Archive Data Center
    The Archive maintains the web server which supports the online Archive and mail server.
  5. Transcription of Srila Gurudeva’s lectures in conjunction with book publication Seva Teams
  6. Folio
    We are in the finishing stages of a Folio of Srila Gurudeva’s books & Hari Katha Newsletters
  7. Internet Support
  8. Media Editing
    Lecture clips based on subject mater
  9. Advertising
    This part of the Seva Team seeks to develop Radio and TV ads the world over.
    The goal is to bring viewers to Srila Gurudeva’s websites and develop new relationships.

Syamarani didi, Vasanti Didi, Anita didi, Govinda Priya didi, Indupati das, Isa das, Gaura Priya didi, Madhavi didi, Sita didi, Brajanath prabhu and Vrinda didi

There is unlimited service to do with the Archive from Video editing to transcribing, feel free to offer your ideas!

 Donations to date do not cover the cost of the project. Anjali didi and Damodar prabhu have been extremely generous and covered the cost of the Web server.

Donations are needed to cover costs of upgrades to equipment, Internet Fees, Radio and TV ads, etc…

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